SLATE Hardware

SLATE can operate with various hardware configurations. Below are known configurations that the SLATE project has tested and validated for a SLATE cluster node.

ConfigurationVendorSockets/Cores/ThreadsDRAM (GiB)NICsStorageYear
SLATE ReferenceDell2S/24C/48T384GB2x10 Gbps8x8TB1.6TB NVMe2x16GB microSD2018
ATLAS Tier 2Dell2S/16C/32T192GB2x10 Gbps12x12TB4x2TB M.2BOSS Controller 240GB M.22019

The reference platform includes dedicated network measurement hardware (a PerfSONAR node) and an out-of-band management node that is able to bootstrap a SLATE cluster.

ConfigurationVendorSockets/Cores/ThreadsDRAM (GiB)NICsBoot/Other StorageYear
SLATE Management NodeDell1S/10C/20T32GB2x10 Gbps480 GB SSD2018
SLATE perfSONAR NodeDell1S/10C/20T32GB2x10 Gbps480 GB SSD2018