Powering science collaborations through quick, simple, and secure service deployment

Quick App Deployment, Anywhere

Much of modern research is propelled by collaborations across multiple institutions. Massive data sets and complex research drive the need to aggregate resources from many sources into scalable computing systems. A vast array of dependencies, specifications, and processes across these sites can cause scientists to spend more time on the technical aspects of computation and data management than on the science itself.

Introducing the SLATE stack to your site enables science users to work on research rather than technicalities, saves support staff significant amounts of time, and expands the reach of domain specific science gateways and multi-site research platforms.


Secure Deployment via the ScienceDMZ

The SLATE (Services Layer At The Edge) platform provides trusted services operated by a central team. The SLATE platform operates a network of such services across many campuses. Science application developers use SLATE to launch elements of a science gateway, data cache, or localworkflow service. SLATE can be easily deployed within a campus Science DMZ.