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Kubernetes Repo Changes

The Kubernetes community has changed to community-owned package repositories. Learn how to update your SLATE Clusters in this blog.

OpenTelemetry in SLATE

In order to get better observability of the SLATE components, we added OpenTelemetry reporting into the SLATE infrastructure.

Globus Connect v5 on SLATE

Globus Connect Server v5 (GCS 5) provides a secure way to transfer large volumes of data between systems. Users can use it to securely transfer data between sites reliably at high speeds. SLATE provides GCS 5 as an application that can be deployed on SLATE clusters.

Developing SLATE Using Containers

The SLATE binaries and API server requires a fairly complex environment in order to build successfully. In order to provide a standardized build environment that could be reproduced and used in various contexts, the SLATE project generated a containerized environment for development and deploying binaries to production. We’ll describe the environment and how we use it in this blog post.

SLATE API/Client v1.0.40

The SLATE API & Client version 1.0.40 includes various fixes and enhancements.

How to Use JupyterLab to Submit Jobs to the Open Science Grid with SLATE

Note: This blog post was first published on Oct 20,2020 and last updated on Apr 04, 2023.

Our previous post JupyterLab and HTCondor with SLATE described deployment of an HTCondor pool onto a SLATE-registered Kubernetes cluster with job submission provided by a JupyterLab application. But what if you want just a JupyterLab capable of submitting jobs to the Open Science Grid?