Kubernetes Repo Changes

The Kubernetes community has changed to community-owned package repositories. Learn how to update your SLATE Clusters in this blog.

What Changed?

How does this affect us as SLATE Administrators?

The amount of work to change over to the new package repositories is relatively small.

  1. SSH to your SLATE Cluster master node and switch to the root user.

  2. Execute the following to update the package repository file for Kubernetes 1.24.x.

    export KUBE_VERSION=1.24 && \
    cat <<EOF | tee /etc/yum.repos.d/kubernetes.repo
  3. Verify the changes by executing:

    yum list kubectl

    If the results include versions other than 1.24.x, remove cached Yum packages and headers:

    yum clean all

    and check again.

  4. Close the connection and repeat the previous steps on each of your SLATE Cluster worker nodes.

  5. Continue to update patch versions of the various Kubernetes 1.24.x packages normally through commands like yum update ... or dnf update ....

Adam Griffith