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Easy Network Diagnostics with SLATE

Network testing is hugely important to diagnose problems within and between sites. We’re trying to make network diagnostics dead simple with SLATE, and to do that we’ve SLATE-ified pieces of the excellent perfSONAR software stack. This application has recently landed into the SLATE stable catalog, and so we thought we would give you a little tour of this handy tool!

Presenting papers at PEARC19

Jason Stidd and Chris Weaver of the SLATE team both presented papers at PEARC19. The talks were on July 30 and July 31:

Developing and Operating Edge Services on Federated Infrastructure Using MiniSLATE (presentation)

Managing Privilege and Access on Federated Edge Platforms (presentation)

Application Security for the Edge

This whitepaper how applications are managed on a federated research platform. The intended end result is that an application administrator can deploy an application to an edge cluster in a trusted manner.

Building the SLATE Platform

We describe progress on building the SLATE (Services Layer at the Edge) platform.

Site Policies and Autonomy

An important principle in the management of edge services in research computing centers, and their ScienceDMZs, is autonomy.

SLATE and the Mobility of Capability

SLATE (Services Layer at the Edge) is a new project that, when complete, will implement “cyberinfrastructure as code” by augmenting the canonical Science DMZ pattern with a generic, programmable, secure and trusted underlayment platform.

Introducing SLATE: Services Layer at the Edge

This is a our very first blog entry for the SLATE project - we’re just getting started!