Cluster Federation

At this point, you should have a SLATE-Ready Kubernetes cluster. You will now be able to join your cluster to the SLATE Federation.


The SLATE Command Line Interface will let you execute SLATE commands.

On the Master node for your cluster, follow the SLATE CLI installation instructions.

Joining the Federation

On the Master node for your cluster (or a system with kubectl configured with admin access to your cluster), execute

slate cluster create [NEW-CLUSTER-NAME] --group [YOUR-GROUP-NAME] --org [YOUR-ORG-NAME] -y

Update Cluster Location

All SLATE clusters should have their geographic locations listed in the cluster’s attributes.

slate cluster update [YOUR-CLUSTER-NAME] --location [LATITUDE],[LONGITUDE]

Allow Group Access

Cluster administrators can grant cluster access to specific groups.

slate cluster allow-group [YOUR-CLUSTER-NAME] '[GROUP-NAME]'

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