Obtain a SLATE Token

If you have not done so already, go to the SLATE portal and create an account.

Every cluster must be administered by a SLATE group. If there is already a group which should be responsible for this cluster, and you are not a member, you should request to join it. You can also create a new group to administer your cluster (go to the ‘My Groups’ page and click ‘Register New Group’). When you create a group you are automatically its first member. If you create a new group whose primary purpose will be to administer this cluster (and possibly others) you should select ‘Resource Provider’ as the field of science for it.

A group can administer multiple clusters, so if you are already a member of a suitable group you do not need to create another. A group can also administer both clusters and applications, which may run both on clusters which it administers and on clusters which it does not.

Install a copy of the SLATE CLI client on the machine which you are setting up:

    curl -LO https://jenkins.slateci.io/artifacts/client/slate-linux.tar.gz
    tar xzf slate-linux.tar.gz
    sudo mv slate /usr/local/bin
    rm slate-linux.tar.gz

Finally, go to the CLI Access page and download the personalized script to install your token to the machine which you are setting up.

To check that the SLATE client is ready to use, you can run

    slate cluster list

This should list the various clusters which are already participating in the federation.

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