Ansible can be executed anywhere (your laptop, OOB machine, etc), including on a machine that is to be part of your Kubernetes cluster. The host that is executing Ansible is referred to as the “Ansible executor” in these prerequisites.

Ansible & Kubespray

  • On each machine that is to part of the cluster, you have a user (<SSH_USER>) with key-based SSH access and passwordless sudo access.
    • The Ansible executor must be able to SSH into each machine in the cluster as this <SSH_USER> using an SSH key.
  • Must have Ansible version >= 2.9 and < 2.10 installed on the Ansible executor.
  • Clone of Kubespray on the Ansible executor: git clone -b v2.15.0
  • Kubespray Python dependencies installed: sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt or sudo pip install -r requirements.txt


  • Kubernetes packages are not installed on any machine that is to be part of the cluster.
    • You can remove these with sudo yum remove 'kube*' -y.
    • We recommend also removing the Kubernetes repo if it exists.
  • The current systemd version on every machine to be part of the cluster supports TaskAccounting.
    • For CentOS 7, this is systemd version >=219-37.
    • For other distributions, this is systemd version >=227.
  • [For MetalLB] At least one publicly routable, floating (i.e. not assigned) IP address.


  • Clone of SLATE registration playbook on the Ansible executor: git clone
  • SLATE token obtained from the CLI access page.

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