• Application Development

Docker Container

The docker container for StashCache can be found here. The container allows running either of the two containers (StashCache and HTCondor) that are typically needed to run a full-fledged StashCache cache server.

The Dockerfile is fairly straightforward. The baseline image is the latest CentOS 7 image. To install StashCache and Condor, we add the epel-release and the OSG software image (in this case release 3.4 for EL7). Additionally we create the necessary directories for the certificates, StashCache cache, and Stashcache.

A generalized StashCache configuration and a simple script to run StashCache and condor are provided as well. The configuration uses several environment variables to fill in site- and instance-specific configuration parameters:

  • STASHCACHE_SITE_NAME: Name of the StashCache instance being deployed
  • STASHCACHE_RAMSIZE: Maximum RAM to be used by StashCache
  • STASHCACHE_SPACE_LOW_WM: Low watermark when to stop deleting data from cache
  • STASHCACHE_SPACE_HIGH_WM: High watermark when to start deleting data from cache
  • STASHCACHE_BLOCKSIZE: Increments/blocks in bytes that should be transferred
  • STASHCACHE_PREFETCH: Maximum number of blocks to prefetch
  • STASHCACHE_MONITORING_ENDPOINT: HTTP endpoint to send monitoring data