Presenting papers at PEARC19

Jason Stidd and Chris Weaver of the SLATE team both presented papers at PEARC19. The talks were on July 30 and July 31:

Developing and Operating Edge Services on Federated Infrastructure Using MiniSLATE (presentation)

Managing Privilege and Access on Federated Edge Platforms (presentation)

Developing Science Apps on SLATE

Development of service containers for deployment on distributed environments is difficult. MiniSLATE can install a local copy of the SLATE developer’s environment on a Mac or Linux. Jason Still presented on how to use MiniSLATE for packaging applications targeted for the SLATE platform.

SLATE Security Architecture

The SLATE team is creating its architecture with security in mind. Managing Privilege and Access on a federated platform as well providing a curated catalog of applications are two of the strategies the SLATE team is using to approach security. Chris Weaver presented these approaches in this paper.

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