SLATE Diagram

What is SLATE?

A SLATE edge platform within a campus Science DMZ hosts trusted services operated by a central team which might be operating a network of such services across several campuses. Science “app” developers interact with the SLATE platform service factory to define and launch elements of a science gateway, data cache, or local workflow service.

XENON1T Data Distribution Network Use Case


Deploying science services across national and international distributed infrastructures is hard! Rolling out hardware, Operating Systems, science applications, and science tools at every geographically discrete site requires a significant IT presence at each site. The IT personnel have to deal with the hardware, the IT software, AND the science software in order to make a science service function. This fact requires a lot of knowledge and time on the order of days, weeks, and months. SLATE aims to make the job easier for the local IT support person and to minimize the time to deployment for the science services.