A community of researchers from a science domain on a SLATE platform. The SLATE Group is the root of trust and authorization for a community working on a SLATE platform. The SLATE Group is also the unit of resource allocation for SLATE edge clusters. For purpose of SLATE, we consider only the members that play a role in creating the computing infrastructure (i.e. develop/install/maintain software, manage data quality/storage/transfer, …) and not all the researchers that have access to those resources. That is, only these people need access to tools and resources from the SLATE platform.


  • Research collaborations (ATLAS, CMS, LIGO, XENON1T, SPT…)
  • Communities from Science Gateways
  • Domain-specific platforms and support organizations (Science Gateways, iPlant, NanoHub, Galaxy…)


  • Activities of different research organizations within the same SLATE platform should be isolated from each other


  • Authorizing science applications developers and users to act within a namespace
  • Managing resource limits applied by the SLATE platform