Application Developer

The person that takes an existing application and packages in a way that can be installed on a SLATE platform. A SLATE application developer may be a part of a SLATE virtual organization (developing an application for their specific use), may be part of the SLATE core team (developing an application for use in all platforms) or may be external to SLATE (making sure that their application, which is external to SLATE, can also run within SLATE). As part of the development of the application, the SLATE application developer will need to deploy a development version, test it at scale, debug it and redeploy.

For advanced use cases, the SLATE application developer may need to be aware of the underlying implementation and be able to develop against it.


  • The developers and packagers of edge applications
  • Science gateway developers. (aside: c.f.


  • The ability to deploy at scale and debug the application


  • Define the recipe for installation, including the configuration parameters